Grow up with smiling!

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Add sparkle to your smile

Bright, white teeth add the perfect finishing touch to your newly-straightened smile. Call us or stop by today to ask about our 50% OFF teeth whitening coupon to create a sparkling, healthier-looking smile.

• Orthodontic treatment

• Braces

• Retainers

• Teeth whitening

Don't let the cost prevent you from giving your child a straight, beautiful smile. We accept Medi-Cal and PPO. If you don't have insurance, give us a call, and let us help you work out an affordable payment plan for your orthodontic services.

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Create a dazzling smile

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If your child avoids smiling or laughing because of overcrowded, crooked teeth, bring him in for orthodontic treatment so he can relax and be confident with a brilliant smile.

Boost your child's confidence

Nothing says confidence like a beautiful smile. If your child is struggling with overcrowded teeth, an overbite, or crooked teeth, your child may avoid smiling and suffer from lowered self-esteem. Orthodontic treatment pushes the teeth into a straight, even look. We'll tailor the shape to your child's mouth so he can feel confident, comfortable, and better about himself.

Corrective options

Correct her smile affordably

Get a full exam with an X-ray for only $25! Save on your dental health when you visit My Smile Family Dentistry.

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